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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Marriage Advice

Marriage is never 50/50! Somedays you give more and some days your spouse will give more. If you are only putting in 25%, your spouse will have to put in the remaining 75%. The key is to make sure that both of you try to contribute and that it's not always the same person who is having to contribue the most. You both should try to give 100% all the time and you should try to contribute even more if you see your spouse isn't contributing their share on a given day. 
You want to make sure you and your spouse are looking in the same direction. You may have disagreeements on various things but you should both know what you want to accomplish together long term and work toward that everyday. It's ok to do things differently, just be headed in the same direction.
If you start conversations with "You always" or "You never" then you are heading down the wrong road. Your spouse is not going to like what you are about to say and things are likely to get heated. Avoid using these phrases and think of a way that you can rephrase your communication without accusing them. 
Don't try to read their mind. Why not ask how they are feeling? Communication is very important.
Compliment more than you criticize! Every single negative comment will stick out in their mind more so than 3 positive comments. 
People do fight but it's the way you go about it that is so important. 
It's the little things that often matter the most. Honey, let me do that for you.. Go relax!
You have to ask yourself if you want to be the one who is always right or do you want  to be married. Think of your spouse as a priceless gift. Remember all the cute little things that brought you together and talk about them! 
Most people want to feel secure. Exude confidence in yourself and especially your spouse. 

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