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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Marriage Advice

Marriage is never 50/50! Somedays you give more and some days your spouse will give more. If you are only putting in 25%, your spouse will have to put in the remaining 75%. The key is to make sure that both of you try to contribute and that it's not always the same person who is having to contribue the most. You both should try to give 100% all the time and you should try to contribute even more if you see your spouse isn't contributing their share on a given day. 
You want to make sure you and your spouse are looking in the same direction. You may have disagreeements on various things but you should both know what you want to accomplish together long term and work toward that everyday. It's ok to do things differently, just be headed in the same direction.
If you start conversations with "You always" or "You never" then you are heading down the wrong road. Your spouse is not going to like what you are about to say and things are likely to get heated. Avoid using these phrases and think of a way that you can rephrase your communication without accusing them. 
Don't try to read their mind. Why not ask how they are feeling? Communication is very important.
Compliment more than you criticize! Every single negative comment will stick out in their mind more so than 3 positive comments. 
People do fight but it's the way you go about it that is so important. 
It's the little things that often matter the most. Honey, let me do that for you.. Go relax!
You have to ask yourself if you want to be the one who is always right or do you want  to be married. Think of your spouse as a priceless gift. Remember all the cute little things that brought you together and talk about them! 
Most people want to feel secure. Exude confidence in yourself and especially your spouse. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tips For A Better Life


Buy a DVR. It will allow you more personal time by fast forwarding through commercials plus allow you to get more sleep.

Spend more time with senior citizens and young children.

Make people smile each day. Live for the moment.

Realize life is too short to worry and to hate people.

Don't try to win every argument. It's perfectly fine to just disagree!

It's a big mistake to compare your life to others! Another persons life may appear better but you really have no idea of their full journey.

No matter how bad a situation may appear to be.... it will change.

Family is very important. Call your family members and friends often. They will be there for you when you need them.

Never Envy another persons status in life. Live your life.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tips to an Organized Life

You cannot expect your home or family to be organized if you are not. Clearing clutter from your home today does not mean your home will stay clean. You must have a long range plan of how to stay organized.

Many people never start to organize because they feel it won't be perfect... so why get started. Always remember that if you do a little each day that getting something accomplished is more important than being perfect! Don't kick yourself in the rear by expecting perfectionism. You will be amazed what devoting just 10 minutes daily will get accomplished.

I use the 10 minute rule every single day. Have a messy house? Spend 10 minutes today sweeping the floor and 10 minutes tomorrow dusting the furniture. By the end of the week you have spent 70 minutes cleaning your house. The 10 minute rule applies to many other things you may want to get accomplished but just don't want to get started.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Avoidant Behavior keeps us in our comfort zone.

You could be exhibiting avoidant behavior if you call in sick, over sleep and avoid making phone calls. Such behaviors keep us snug within our comfort zone. Others are often aware of our avoidant behaviors. We are avoiding some type of fear. It takes courage to confront our fear. Whatever it is that you are avoiding is not likely to go away and is best to just face it head on!.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Everyone deserves to be happy!

It's important to accept yourself. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't improve yourself and become complacent. It's essential that you are self confident and live an unstressed life. You must also live for today and take great pleasure in all of the little things that life has to offer us. You can find happiness when you have self confidence, less stress and reward yourself. Obviously, rewarding ourself with that car that we can't afford is going to bring more stress. My statements are not carte blanche to just start spending out of control for our reward. We must however, not feel guilty when we buy something we want that we can afford or perhaps delve into that ice cream sundae.

Often we are so busy pursuing our goals that we don't take the time to determine what it is we truly value in life. It's very important to think about the things that you value and bring you pleasure. You will likely modify your life goals after you have really thought about them. What you value will change as you age especially in your forties and fifties. For this reason, you should periodically re-evaluate what it is that you value and brings you happiness.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Changes for a Healthy and Less Stressful Life

Stress can literally make you sick! My statement is not based on my being a medical doctor (I'm Not) but instead is based on my experience. I have dreaded upcoming events such as having to deliver a presentation in-front of many people and found myself vomiting due to stress and worry. Managing stress in your daily life is key to your physical, emotional and mental state.

I tell myself that a particular event is not the end of the world, Afterall, tomorrow will come. It's also very important to have self confidence. Believe in yourself! Many authors will recommend yoga, meditation and exercise for stress relief. I take a different approach. I think you should maintain the right positive attitude (self confidence) , have supportive people to talk with, clarify your feelings through journaling (blog), find humor, do something you enjoy such as your favorite hobby.

Monday, February 15, 2010

How to be a Better Husband, Wife or Life Partner

Remember when you started dating your current love? I bet you tried to impress that person and did and said things that you would not normally say or do. It's important to be true to yourself!

I feel the most important thing I can tell you about love and relationships is that words are empty if they are not backed up with actions. You can tell a person that you love them all day long but it means nothing if you ignore that person or don't SHOW them you love them.

Do not yell at your partner. If you feel that you need to yell at your partner then YOU have made a mistake and need to go back, slow down and calmly figure out how to fix it. If you are yelling, your partner is no longer listening and anything you are yelling about is just causing anger and damaging your relationship. Many people feel that they must address a situation at that moment. It's usually much better to wait until the next day when you are both calm. Take 24 hours and think about how you can get your point across without upsetting your partner.

Just as not yelling is important, you certainly must never swear or hit your partner!

Remember to thank your partner DAILY for the little things they do for you. I now try to make sure to tell my wife how much I enjoyed dinner. I acknowledge the time and effort that went into cooking the meal and tell her how much I appreciate it.

Don't lose who you are in a relationship and feel you must merge into one. You are both individuals with different viewpoints, like and dislikes. Just think about how boring it would be if you had the same thoughts.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ways to keep yourself motivated.

It's important that you laugh and avoid things that make you bored. Stop and really think about things that cause you happiness and things that bore you. Find comedy shows or funny movies that cause stress to disappear during that time.

I bet you never write down your successes. You should keep a sort of diary of the things you were proud of and wanted to share with others. Read the list from time to time to remind yourself of your accomplishments.

Avoid negative people or people that "one up" your stories. Network with positive people.

You should have a personal goal or mission. If you don't have one, get one immediately. Find something you enjoy doing or have always wanted to accomplish.

Find books or motivational recordings that inspire you. Listening to a CD to and from work can be uplifting.

I find it difficult to be motivated when I have a dirty house. How you feel about yourself and your home can have a big impact on your daily activities and thoughts. I know many people who would dread going home because their home was not what they wanted it to be.

Accept feedback as a way to improve and not as a personal attack. Failure is ok as long as you learn from it and are willing to try again.

How much life are you actually living?

Each day I find myself forgetting to be in the moment. By this, I mean we often are looking for the next pleasant life experience.

If you go to work, you can't wait until you leave work. If you know of a newborn baby, you think of their first birthday or perhaps their first Christmas. If it's Sunday, we can't wait until the next Saturday.

We tend to look into the future, wishing our lives away, not living in the moment.

You may find that you are growing old and will one day wonder where did the time go?

Be sure to ask yourself, what have you done for a loved one today? Are you living life or wishing it away?

If you were to die today, what would be the most precious moments of your life?

Start thinking of your life differently starting now! BE HERE NOW. Keep reminding yourself just how short life really is and if you are living in the moment or wishing for next week or month.